Lindsay GaltHi,  I’m Lindsay Galt and this is my blog.

After fighting my way through other more urgent, (but not necessarily more important) priorities I have finally sat down and got my self organised to start this blog.

If you are anything like me you can probably relate to the mounting frustration that you experience when you really want to do something that you consider important but that is not actually urgent, and so other urgent, but less important “stuff” seems to keep getting in your way. Well I have finally pushed all that urgent stuff (and my procrastination) aside and started.

My objective with this blog is to create a place where you can come for encouragement, inspiration, wisdom and motivation, a little oasis where you can come whenever you feel you need to be uplifted, or to just drink in some positive input.

I trust you’ll find something on this site that makes your day better and your visit worthwhile.