An Unexpected Favour

An Unexpected Favour

A friend of mine recently did me a really big favor, although at first I didn’t realise it.

What he did was share with me about a product that had really helped his grandchildren who were suffering from very severe excema. I was interested because I had suffered from excema as a child and some of my own family also suffer from it.

But then he went on to tell me about some of the other unique products that the same company manufactures, and I started to mentally tick off the boxes as he was sharing…

  • Yes, I would like to drop a few kilos from my waist line and…
  • Yes cholesterol levels are always a challenge to keep in check and…
  • Yes I have another friend who wrestles with the challenge of diabetes and keeping his sugar/insulin balance right and…
  • Yes I know some ladies who would be very grateful to get rid of their hot flushes.

In fact as the list went on I started to think of a whole range of people who would love to hear the story he was sharing with me, because they are all people who could really benefit from what he was telling me.

After I had heard his story I was keen to try some of the products myself and I asked him where I could get them. “Oh thats easy” he said “you just order them on line, all you have to do is set up an account with the company which you can also do online, you order what you want and its shipped direct to your home, couldn’t be easier”, I can show you how to do that now if you like”

But heres the real favour…

I really appreciated him sharing that with me, and that would have been a nice little favour in itself, because now that I have tried some of these products, I have to say they are quite literally life changing. A number of health issue we have struggled with for a long time in our family have significantly improved.

Now while that in itself is really great story and good news for us, that is not the real favour he did for me that day. You see knowing that I am always interested in business he then said “you’d probably be fascinated by the business model these guys have created to distribute these products”, and as I expressed my curiosity to find out more he proceeded to explain it to me. As I listened I got more and more excited, now I wasn’t quite sure why I was getting excited but something inside me was telling me that what I was hearing was pretty special.

My Eureka Moment…

I did my due diligence on both the products and the people behind them and was very impressed by the amazing story that began to unfold before me.Then when I was relaxing with family during the Christmas break it all of a sudden dawned on me. I had a Eureka moment and I realized why I was feeling so excited inside.

You see, many years ago when I was much younger I had taken some time and gone to quite a bit of effort to think through what my ideal business would look like. There were over 40 dot points that I came up with that had to all be satisfied to meet the criteria for my ideal business (Some time later I updated my list and I now have 45 dot points in total)… a pretty tall order by any standard.

I set this demanding criteria back in the days before the Internet existed, and although I didn’t know it at the time, I needed the Internet to be invented before my ideal business could actually be created. In fact although I had continued to look for the components it wasn’t until my friend shared this unique business model with me, and I had taken the time to really understand what I was looking at, that I had my EUREKA moment and realised that I had found a business that ticked the boxes on all 45 dot points needed to satisfy the criteria for my ideal business set down all those years earlier… and that’s the real favour.

P.S. If you’re curious to know what the 45 dot points for my ideal business are, you can see them here.

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