Language is about creating

Language is about creating

In a previous post I talked about the power of words to change the intensity of the emotions we feel and how words impact the atmosphere we create around us.

Today I want to pick up on the thought that language is about ‘creating’. Most people think language is about communication, and while we do use language to communicate, at a deeper level language is about creating.

We can use words to build people up or we can use words to tear people down, so in that sense we can use words to build or to destroy.

But let’s pursue the logic of how something is created for a moment:

Everything that has ever been created began first as a thought, that thought is then formed into an idea in the mind, but before anything can be done with that idea it must be expressed in words.

The words can then be used to describe the idea and give it expression, when people respond to the words and take action the idea will be transformed from a mere thought in someone’s mind into tangible form in the physical world.

The words that are used to express the idea help create a picture of what the idea is all about, they create a vision that will inspire people to action.

The words that are used also create emotional intensity, and it is this emotional intensity that brings the motivational energy necessary for people to engage in the work of turning the idea into reality.

Once an idea has been expressed as language (words) it takes on a form and momentum of its own. That idea will often grow, develop and expand. It may even become unstoppable.

What do you think about the idea that language is about creating?

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